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the core culture values of C3 Liverpool

Pull up a chair

We are a growing family; intentional in creating an inclusive and friendly environment in every aspect of what we do, making room for one another and leaning in to relationships. The journey of discipleship with Jesus is one that cannot succeed in isolation but thrives when shared healthily with others. 

How can I help?

Our serving is an expression of our belonging. We’ll do whatever we can to lift others, build the house, and put the spotlight on Jesus - with one another and in our world. Our capacity and availability shifts through different life-and-circumstance-stages, as does our experience and personal-gift-development but we maintain a servant-hearted approach whatever the season

What's in His Word?

We’re growing as disciples of Jesus in faith and maturity, aiming to become more like Him as He works in our lives, so we are committed to His Word as our primary source of truth and wisdom as individuals and a church. The bible may not be the only book we read, but we recognise that we encounter Jesus as we read the scriptures with faith.